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Please vote for us at Asda

Posted on July 21st, 2016 by Alison Roberts

AsdaDevonport Park Diggin’ It project have been kindly nominated by a family to receive votes from Asda customers.

We deliver a range of fun, challenging activities for disabled children and young people offering access to a natural environment in the heart of the City. These activities include horticulture, outdoor education, creative play, arts and craft, outdoor cooking, treasure hunts, canoeing, moor walking and personal development.


The project is delivered by Routeways, a local charity that works with vulnerable families, children and young people.

Please place your voting tokens in the Routeways  Diggin’ It container when you visit Asda.  Your donation will be wholly used to deliver activities for disabled children at Devonport Park Diggin’ It.

Thank you


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